A personal notebook

Learning the Art of Blogging!

I was hunting blogs on how they are crafted? and with what? this evening, So that I could mimic some of the coolest of ideas. And oh fck! that was a sucking day with a determined attempt to clear the arrear examination 😀 seriously it sucks! Ask one who has gone through that pain in the a&*.

Actually speaking I didn’t get anything worthy. And didnt take pains to surf even. I read about this guy Prashant john in The Hindu two days back. He was and is a blogger for time pass from his college days. Suddenly got a flash and thought of peeping into his blog and was surprised.

Coolest way of how one could describe about himself.

And found his posts interesting as well. Here’s a sample.

Do surf through if You like it. Here’s the link. http://dokyachivaat.blogspot.com/

The purpose of this post is that I begin to share blogs that I find interesting! Nammalale than urupadi ah oru post’um poda mudile atleast I shall steal 😛


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